Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Huge sale going on! We also have 3 shirts for $30.00! Its the grab bag! What 3 shirts are in it? Who knows! Its bad ass though! Check it out!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

CONTEST! Answer these two questions and you will be entered to win a free digital download of the "Kreep - Lead Us Not" hardcore metal album and "MoonShineCrooks - The Bootleg" hip-hop album. The first 20 people with the correct answers will win! Contest ends when the first 20 correct entries are received. You must answer both questions! RRC has to right to send related products updates and announcements to any submitted emails. Good luck and be sure to check out our SALE!

QUESTION #1: How many RRC "freedom of speech" shirts are marked as limited edition?

QUESTION #2: What high profile incident is the RRC "ski mask" shirt based on?

Send answers here -> I know the answers!

Steve Walko skates like no other.

No one does it like the MoonShineCrooks.

Russian Roulette had the opportunity to get its clothing on a reality show featuring a porn star rock band. The bands name is 'Tight' and the ladies were awesome. Monica Mayhem has a good voice and nice.....well.....anyhow here are a few pictures! The show is being edited now and will definitely be rated adults only!

We listened! Cheaper shipping is here! $6.00 for one item and $8.00 for 2 or more.

iSickNesS xX, rated #4 in the world for Modern Warfare! Endorsed by Russian Roulette Clothing.

Zombie Squad Paintball.....endorsed by Russian Roulette Clothing.

From the masters of metal.......Kreep - Lie Down.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Check out Kreep, sponsored by Russian Roulette.

Russian Roulette Clothing may be changing its name in the near future. Comments? Thoughts? Send us an email

Huge sale going on for all the people that have supported RRC! We also have 3 shirts for $30.00! Its the grab bag! What 3 shirts are in it? Any mystery meat included? Who knows! Check it out!