Saturday, October 1, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta!

The Battlefield 3 beta is finally here! Love me some BF! Battlefield 2 was my first game for the Xbox 360 and I loved it. Too bad nobody really plays it anymore. If you pre-order BF3 you get some of the maps from BF2. Sweet! I fired up the beta last night to check it out. The first thing I noticed is that EVERYTHING is locked, EVERYTHING. You can pick your class but that is really it. No attachments or special weapons are available until you level up. I am surprised you don't need to unlock bullets for your gun.
The second thing I noticed was the underwhelming visuals. I guess I expected for my face to melt off as I experienced the orgasmic visuals that I saw in the single player videos. At first I thought the graphics were loading in from low-res to high-res ( like they do in "Gears Of War" games) , but that was not the case. I also experienced some weird screen flashing at times that seemed to be a driver issues, but this was on the Xbox so who knows.

Knowing that this is a beta, I didn't really care too much about the looks since I already pre-ordered it.

The game play is not much different than other BF games. You spawn in squads (if you like) and do miles of running. The beta has one game mode called RUSH where you defend 2 points or attack them depending on what team you spawn as. The actual feel of the game is fantastic and the controls are satisfying. Getting into a match was quick and easy as well.

Chances are you won't play this and get blown to the floor since the beta immediately comes off as BF:Bad Company 2.5. I did notice something that was interesting. You can get a flashlight attachment for your weapon which will blind your opponent making it very difficult for them to escape your hail of gunfire.

Overall? I will be playing it and hopefully unlocking something....anything..... - RRC

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