Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Playing Russian Roulette "for realsies"

KINGMAN - Authorities said Wednesday that a 16-year-old boy killed over the weekend had been playing Russian Roulette.

Sheriff's Spokeswoman Trish Carter said that although Hudgens was in the company of his friends who witnessed the shooting, he was the only one handling the gun. Russian roulette is a game of chance in which an individual loads a single bullet, spins the cylinder, places the gun to their head and pulls the trigger.

The Sheriff's Office said Hudgens was shot by a .22 caliber revolver, but did not say who owned the gun or if the gun owner would face possible charges.

Hudgen's organs were donated upon his death.

Ok here are just a few reasons why you should not play "Russian Roulette"; Xbox 360, Movies, Music, Pizza, No bills, Girls, Shooting other things, Slipknot, Dirty girls, Cars, Kick ass dogs, 420 (if that is your thing), Clean girls that act dirty, oh yea and Russian Roulette Clothing. - RRC

Source: Kingman Daily Miner

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