Saturday, November 12, 2011

Predator cloak becoming a reality

Ali Aliev , a physicist at the University of Texas Dallas told MSNBC: "We really can hide objects. ... We can switch for a short moment and make it disappear."

In a YouTube video the strands are seen appearing and disappearing during a demonstration in Mr Aliev’s lab.

He told the network: "It's interesting for ordinary people, because usually scientists show something microsized under some microscope. But here, in real time, real objects were disappearing."

In Sweden, scientists are working on an invisibility cloak which could protect tanks from heat seeking missiles. The new technology has scanners to read nearby buildings and terrain and can reproduce their pattern of hot and cold on panels on the hull of the vehicle.

Imagine this in 10 years:

Your Predator Halloween costume now wins you all the contests.
You can't find your kid because he is "cloaked".......again.
Star Trek nerds rejoice!
Your dumb friends hide your car in plain sight for the fifth time in one week.

I just want to know one thing. Price?

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