Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tactical military garbage disposal

Turning trash into ash is what this new military machine does. It can take 100lbs of trash and turn it into 5lbs of ash. I want one to replace my old garbage disposal, that thing hardly grinds up the bones anymore.

A new, compact gasification contraption can dramatically compress the things our armed forces leave behind, turning trash into ash. Marines at Camp Smith, Hawaii, are testing the new unit to verify whether it could be used at forward operating bases to cut down on landfill. The Micro Auto Gasification System, or MAGS, can bake 100 pounds of garbage and compress it into 5 pounds of ash, while creating more energy than it consumes.

The system uses a controlled pyrolysis process, which gasifies garbage in a contained, sealed drum. The system will accept any kind of organic material, from food waste to plastic. Temperatures in the drum reach 1,300 degrees F, and chemical reactions yield a gaseous mixture of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane, which is itself combustible. The system recycles this mixture to further the process and sequester the gases. The result is a small pile of inert ash that can be thrown away, and any glass and metal pieces are left intact to be recycled.

Full article with technical video here.


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