Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another California shooting

A man (Tyler Brehm) walking down Sunset Blvd shoots at random cars on Friday morning. He was shot and killed by police after he wounded several people in their passing vehicles.

Geez California, you would think with all your anti gun laws that no one would ever commit a firearm related crime again. Oh wait.....criminals don't obey gun laws....riiighhht.

Get ready for another round of BS legislation and outcry that responsible gun owners are evil and they all need to removed from society. The cops obviously ended the mans rampage by throwing hugs and rainbows at him.

Brehm managed to fire roughly 20 rounds, reloading his gun once, before police confronted him and ordered him to drop his weapon. Authorities said officers fired on Brehm after he kept shooting and failed to comply with their orders.

Police said Brehm injured three people, one critically. John Atterberry, a 40-year-old music industry executive, was driving his Mercedes-Benz through an intersection when he was hit by multiple rounds of gunfire from Brehm's weapon. Atterberry remained in critical condition Saturday night at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Full story: masslive

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