Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Battleship trailer #2

So I been busy lately, sorry about slacking on the posts.....

Fucking A, this trailer is awesome.
So here is the deal, people would love this movie if it wasn't based on the "Battleship" BOARD GAME.

Let us discuss the awesomeness together. What do we have here?

0:25 - Big robot alien ship submarine transforming things.
0:30 - Liam Neeson. Sold! Even if this movie was him talking about geometry for 2 hours it would still be amazing.
0:32 - Naval Destroyers....because there are no active Battleships in the Navy today.
0:35 - Alien penis coming out from the water?
0:41 - Soundtrack featuring "Chasing Shadows".
1:14 - Dudes face getting re-arranged.
1:28 - Dumb Rhianna speech.
1:32 - Pissed off alien.
1:38 - Ninja break dance moves?
2:12 - Pokemon tail whip?
2:24 - Epic sea battle.

If you want some tear-jerking Academy Award winning movie then look elsewhere. I think we have a winner if you want something that looks like a feast for the eyeballs with no brain required.

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