Monday, December 5, 2011

Lease your Underground Bunker now!

Gold, pure gold. I haven't enjoyed a website this much since I first visited "The Pirate Bay". Enter Vivos, where you can get your own underground bunker to survive the end of days. Their tagline "It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark" is pure genius. Pricing starts at $9,950. People profited from Y2K, so why not profit from the current "Third World America" (<-- That shit is trademarked by me son) state of affairs.

I think this is a great idea except the chances of getting to your shelter would be very low unless it was very close to your home. Looks like Indiana and Nebraska are where they are set up currently. There is a counter on their website which must be counting down the number of days left until the apocalypse. Here is an excerpt from their site.

Vivos is a private network of impervious, underground survival shelters, built and stocked to withstand virtually any threat or catastrophe, autonomously for a minimum of one-year. Each shelter is accessible only to its actual co-owners. Co-ownership of a Vivos shelter is currently priced from just $9,950 per person.

To be considered as a co-owner, you must first become a member of Vivos. The Vivos Selection Committee evaluates each member applicant's profile for determination and candidacy of their membership.

Vivos then selects the best candidates for co-ownership of each shelter from the current pool of active members. We first look for those individuals who may best contribute to each Vivos shelter community, providing the greatest chance of long-term survival of the entire group. Each co-ownership candidate is reviewed based on a number of criteria.

I am going to apply and see if I am worthy, I do own Russian Roulette Clothing which makes "Clothing for the Apocalypse" sooo..... ah who am I kidding, I am dead lol.

Get ready for the apocalypse here.

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