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Friday, February 17, 2012

LW-15 Polymer Lower Review

Looking for a polymer AR-15 lower? Look no further. I said stop looking. Never mind....I'll be in the car.

I bought one of these New Frontier Armory brand AR-15 polymer lowers for $99.00. You just can't beat it for the price and quality. Below are my thoughts and opinions on this product. You know what they say about opinions? I don't remember but I think it was probably something witty.


I found the quality to be on par with my other lower. It is aluminum and made by Aero Precision. Retail was $199.00. Even though almost all the parts on the LW-15 are polymer, I never thought they would break or fail to work correctly. The safety is reversible and did feel a touch springy and not quite as crisp as on the aluminum lower. No big deal.

Its made of polymer? Polymer? Isn't that a fancy word for plastic? How can this be? Glock has used polymers in their products for 25 years and is one of the most successful handgun manufacturers on the market. Polymer is durable, will not rust and will generally make your weapon lighter. That is a good thing.

The LW-15 mates to an upper VERY snug. The first time you use it you may not think it will even fit. It will, it is just made to fit tight. Tight, not loose like a "hotdog down a hallway". Moving on....

The trigger pull feels a little different since its not metal. It breaks crisp and has no play to it.

The stock is your typical six position collapsible. If you only had five positions your friends would all laugh at you anyway.


I tried the LW-15 with a custom 5.56/.223 16" 1x7 upper and also with a CMMG drop in .22lr conversion on that same upper.

Every time I pulled the trigger it went "bang". Wolf steel cased .223 and some "no name" brass cased .223 reloads all worked flawless. I was very satisfied since I tend to shoot the cheapest and dirtiest .223 ammo I can find. Believe me, if I could afford to shoot diamond tipped bullets dipped in 24k gold I would.

Moving on to the .22lr kit. I tried some Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic 60 grain lead round nose, Aguila Super Maximum 1750 fps 30 grain plated lead round nose, Federal "Wal Mart" specials, Blazer lead round nose and some assorted others. All worked great. This lower works with any and all ammo that my aluminum lower works with.


If you want to buy a inexpensive and reliable lower than this is a great choice. If you are the name brand guy who only buys Daniel Defense $349.00 lowers than you may not care about this product.

Just remember that a higher price does not always equal higher quality.

Read more here. Now with less aluminum!


  1. You paid $199 for an Aero lower? Goddamn.

    1. Hopefully that is a "good" goddamn. It (Aero Precision lower) is a great product, no regrets.


    3. $74.99 for an aluminum Aero Precision lower? Its not a stripped lower. You got a smoking deal! Link please?

  2. I bought one of these. Rear pin area didnt fit. Front pin came out and the safety selector can be put on safe while the hammer is released which blocks the bolt from being charged because the hammer will not go down. I someone buys this, change the parts in the lower with a steel LPK.

    1. Interesting. I'll have to try putting it on safe like you mentioned and see what happens.

    2. New Frontier Armory has since rectified this problem, and is offering a free upgrade kit to those who bought their earlier lowers that fixes the problem.

    3. Excellent. I have one of the first so I may get the parts swapped out. Thanks for the info.

  3. Have you had a problem with the takedown pins not fitting right or sliping out?

  4. Great review thank you...Need more good reviews from people who "own" Polymer Lowers...Rather than those who assume they are a P.O.S. because the spent way too much for their "designer" lower

  5. I am currently building an AR around an LW15 stripped lower. I think it is great and have had no problems so far. Everything fits well.

  6. man these new lowers are bad ass, you could be stupid not to give these a try.

  7. I just finished a build on a NF complete lower. The rear pin area is TIGHT! Just like I like it. The only thing I dont like this lower is the trigger guard is molded in, not replaceable. I may have to get the old dremel out to see if I can "rework" it.

  8. I have 3 New Frontier lowers, 1 stripped, 1 complete, and 1 with only the trigger group installed. The stripped on has a genaric trigger group installed, A2 stock, and is installed on a 24in heavy barreled varminter in .223. The complete lower w/6 position stock has a DPMS Oricale upper on it. This made for a VERY light carbine. So far I have put thousands of rounds through these with perfect functioning. These rifles are field guns that are used for hunting, not safe queens or just used at a shooting range.

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