Thursday, February 2, 2012

Plastic Ammunition?

This sounds great if polymer cased ammo holds up under sustained fire and COSTS LESS than brass. Steel cased ammo is a god send at the moment due to its MUCH cheaper price.

Side note: PCP Ammunition is a sweet name for a company.

PCP Ammunition is proud to present our new line of patent pending polymer cased ammunition to the market.

Our current offerings are designed to meet SAAMI specifications both in dimension and pressure while delivering superior accuracy and reducing weight. We have developed cutting edge production and inspection equipment to guarantee exceptional quality and performance for the most demanding shooters.

We provide a variety of loads optimized for each bullet and caliber that offer the performance of your favorite handload without the time and effort to produce them yourself. Our unmatched quality control, combined with our patent pending polymer cases will exceed your old expectations based on factory made brass ammunition.

Learn more here. Now with 50% less brass!

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