Thursday, February 2, 2012

Smart bullets

Smart bullets. I believe this scene from the "Fifth Element" shows what the engineers are "shooting" for. (get it, get it? awwww) Where can I pre-order one and can I get the ice blaster accessory too?

The Sandia National Labs engineers have developed and patented a new breed of self-guided bullet that can navigate its way to a laser-designated target at ranges of more than a mile.

Their bullet works much like a precision guided aerial bomb might function. An optical sensor in the nose of the bullet detects a laser beam painted on a target and sends that information to a guidance and control system also packed on board. An eight-bit CPU commands electromagnetic actuators to adjust tiny fins that deploy from the round immediately after it exits the muzzle.

From there, the on-board electronics aerodynamically guide the bullet home to its target, allowing the shooter to adjust a round’s trajectory in flight to correct on a long shot or to stay with a moving target.

Read full story here. Now with poison tips!

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