Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wasteland Weekend 2012

Imagine living in the world of Mad Max for just one day. At Wasteland Weekend 2012 you can!

The Mad Max movies have given us some of the best post apocalyptic stories around. With notable places like "The Thunderdome" and "Barter Town", its hard to forget these films. Mel Gibson effectively launched his career with Mad Max. Its funny how he became mad himself, ah Hollywood.

Here are the Wikipedia entries for those not familiar.
Mad Max
The Road Warrior (One of the best movies ever IMHO.)
Mad Max beyond Thunderdome

If a person were to dress up and play "adventure" in the desert than this would be the way to go.

Who is going?

Tickets go on sale April 2nd here. Now with more Master Blaster!

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