Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 Tips For Survivng The Walking Dead

Here are 5 tips to help YOU survive the walking dead. See, we care!

Tip #1 Blades, not Bullets.

"The big misconception in a world of the walking dead is that guns are the key to survival. Unfortunately this is completely untrue for two reasons. Guns require bullets and although there will be plenty of them for you to loot and scavenge what happens when you run out or have to reload? Zombies don’t move quickly they shamble but in large numbers regardless of whether you have a .45 or a sub machine gun you will eventually empty your magazine and have to reload."

Tip #2 Ensure, It Does the Body Good.
Tip #3 Take the High Ground.
Tip #4 Small Groups.
Tip #5 Don't Be a Hero.

Read the full article here. Now with more brraainnsssss!

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