Monday, March 12, 2012

Creepy Robo-Cheetah is Creepy

Whats creepier than a four-legged robot? A RUNNING CHEETAH ROBOT!
Here is an earlier posting on RRC Blog with a DARPA robot here

About a year ago we got our first look at DARPA’s Cheetah ‘bot via a concept drawing that looked more like a storyboard frame for a Transformers film than real, live robotics. Today, we get to see much more than a concept. In a video released by DARPA, the Boston Dynamics-built Cheetah hits the treadmill, notching what DARPA says is a new land speed record for legged robots at 18 miles per hour.

DARPA hasn’t said explicitly what it expects from the robot or what its military application would be. (Skynet, taking over the world, human evisceration - Editor) But 18 miles per hour is just the tip of the iceberg. Boston Dynamics engineers said previously that they see no reason why their bio-inspired ‘bot can’t run as fast as their flesh-and-blood counterparts someday. That’s something like 70 miles per hour.

We’re clearly not there yet, but Cheetah does appear to be hitting its stride, flexing and un-flexing its spine as it moves just as a real cheetah does, increasing its stride and running speed in the process. Later this year Cheetah will come out of the lab and perform its first untethered, free-running tests.

Can you imagine a pack of these running around with machine guns mounted on them?


Thanks to Kevin. Now with more cheetah machines trying to maul you!

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