Friday, March 2, 2012

Doomsday Vault

Located in frigid Norway and guarded by POLAR BEARS, the Doomsday Vault holds over 740,000 different types of seeds.

Theoretically you could just go and check the place out, unless the bears come and eat you. Maybe they are the nice Coca-Cola polar bears that smile and drink soda all day long. You never know.

Formerly known as the Svaldbard Global Seed Vault, the Doomsday Vault it serves as the master backup to the world’s other seed vaults. Its stores stand ready to start replenishing the world’s food supply in the event of natural disaster, water shortages, global warming or war.

The unmanned facility holds seeds that will still be viable 20,000 years from now. Commercial farming has reduced the overall crop diversity in the world, so specific diseases could potentially wipe out a large chunk of production. In that instance, the Doomsday Vault holds seeds to older strains that could be reintroduced, or that might be more resistant to pests, disease and drought.

Read more here. Now with more Polar Bears!

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