Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Much Will You Pay For Ammo This Year?

You gotta pay to play, but how much are you willing to pay for your guns, ammo and gear?

It's election year and as always the firearms community is in an uproar. Prices are skyrocketing and ammo is harder and harder to come by. It's the same every 4 years. Fear of a new law banning "this firearm" or "that ammo" by the current president looms. So the gun community starts the buying frenzy.

Last year at this time a cheap WASR AK47 was $349.00 to $400.00 at J & G sales. I used to get their catalog all the time. Now they don't have any WASRs, they don't send catalogs at the moment and if YOU CAN FIND that rifle somewhere it will be $500.00 or more. Try to find ANY AK47 under $500.00.

I have my April 2011 Cheaper than Dirt catalog in front of me. I compared about 10 different items and they are either back ordered or higher in price. A 20 round box of 7.62x39 was $3.89 then and now its $5.19. It may not seem like a lot but add it up. If you buy 500 rounds it was $97.25, now its $129.75. They had Finnish Gas Masks for $11.79 and then they jumped to $19.99 a few weeks ago and now they are just gone.

Expect to see prices even higher before November. If you like to shoot you can either find some cheap .22 rifle or pistol to save money. You can spend money now on cases of ammo before it gets even higher and impossible to find. The last option is just find something else to do with your money for awhile. So goes the world of firearms.

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