Sunday, April 1, 2012

Idiot Shoots Himself Point Blank

This guy shoots himself in the chest with a Glock 10mm just to "MAKE SURE" his bulletproof vest works.

I am pretty sure its called a BULLETPROOF vest for a reason. Does this guy put his finger on a hot stove just to see if it WOULD BURN HIM?

Why would you take the chance with your life with the LARGEST CALIBER GLOCK available? 9mm? .40? Nah, lets go with the biggest "JUST BECAUSE".

I have an offer for all of you. Send me a bulletproof vest and I will test it for you. I'll shoot it with a shotgun, pistol, ak47, ar15 and whatever else just to make sure it is safe. By the way, no human will be wearing it. That costs extra.

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