Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Missing" is The Worst TV Show Ever

Someone please teach Ashley Judd to hold a fucking gun right!

I love the "cup and saucer" gun technique employed on the "Missing" television series. You would think she could hold a pistol correctly considering she is supposed to be an ex-CIA operative. I can't pinpoint why I despise this show so much, I think it's because the show is so unbelievable.

Fake like Jenna Jamesons' face.


  1. Worst. Show. Ever.

  2. I have been searching the internet for ANY serious, honest reviewer to acknowledge how absolutely HORRIBLE this show is.

    First off is the absolutely horrendous overacting. I haven't seen such bad, over the top atrocious acting since Charlie's Angels or Fantasy Island. At least those shows didn't take themselves seriously. The script is one cliche after another. It is a cartoon. If the creators weren't serious about it, I could imagine this as some kind of comedy spoof like "Scary Movie" and movies like it.

    The entire concept is ridiculous, however you could pull this off with better acting and writing. I thought that Ashely Judd was a better actress. My only hope is that it's the writing and not entirely her fault.

    The season finale was SO predictable as to be completely transparent. Obviously someone has to be "missing" at all times to keep the show going but... really? Seriously?

    Another cliche, spoof-like stereotype of this show is the ANNOYING SON!! Oh my god I almost wished he had been killed at some point. What a freaking mommas boy. Such a total stereotype of the over mothered, coddled son of a single mom.

    I watched every freaking episode which is very sad. I think I watched it more as a comed, or maybe it's like eating really spicy food or drinking too much. You swear that's the last time you will do it but you forget that bad parts and try it again. I just needed to find out what was going to happen.

  3. Agreed. My wife loves the show and I just cringe when its on. Its the same thing over and over and over. It always goes like this:

    1-"I need to find my son! RAAAARRRRR!"
    2-Dopey kid with his girlfriend who has a thick accent doing something.
    3-Foot chase.
    4-Horrible shooting scene.
    5-Super intense scene where they try to find Ashley Judds' character. Again.
    6-Fuzzy flashback.
    7-Me puking and lying in the fetal position on the floor.