Monday, April 23, 2012

Remington will Make Army’s New Carbines

The Army awarded Remington Arms Company a contract to make TENS of THOUSANDS of M4A1 carbines.

Remington outbid Colt Defense? Wow. That is embarrassing for Colt. Looks like the M4 is going to stay the military's carbine of choice awhile longer.

The Army awarded Remington Arms Company an April 20 contract to make tens of thousands of M4A1 carbines. By outbidding Colt Defense — the original maker of the M4 — Remington may end up being the only winner in what many gun makers have labeled as the Army’s well-intentioned but doomed effort to arm soldiers with a better carbine.

The award means that more soldiers will go into combat with the M4A1, a SOF version of the carbine that features a more durable barrel and a full-auto capability. The Army’s decision to dump the three-round burst setting will give soldiers a more consistent trigger and better accuracy.

No three round burst? Is this a good or bad thing? Lets hear some opinions from our servicemen.

Read more here. Now with more low ballers!

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