Friday, May 18, 2012

352 Yard Shooting with a Glock 10mm

Real or Fake?

The world of logic doesn't always go hand in hand with the internet. Everything is a conspiracy or faked. Perfect example, I had a video where I shot an SKS loaded with a blank at a target. All of a sudden, the internet "EXPERTS" chimed in. Some of the comments were:

"That's a BB gun"
"That's an AK!"
"The bolt didn't even move, fake!"
"Look, no muzzle flash!"
"Fake rifle"
"Airsoft gun"

So even when you tell people exactly what is happening, you'll get the "EXPERTS" who know everything without a shadow of a doubt.

So is this video real? It might be. Just because a bird moved in the bushes doesn't mean its a huge conspiracy. I say its a plausible shot. Try it yourself, you may just get lucky and hit the target. Too bad no one on the internet will believe you.

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