Wednesday, May 16, 2012

KSG 10" Shorty Shotgun

A pump action shotgun with a 10" barrel? I have to wonder how punishing this is to shoot.

From Cheaper Than Dirt (CTD) -

"Not everyone feels the need for fifteen shot capacity of the KSG bullpup shotgun. Some people however want shorter length for the tight confines of police cruisers and other vehicles. Enter the super-shorties from Keltec."

The KSC shorty holds 10-shots and features a 10-inch barrel. "These are available with a $200 tax stamp."

Keltec makes a little over a thousand KSGs every month and new orders are coming in faster than that. So the backlog is going to be rather high. (Also the wait on NFA items is about 7 months right now.)

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