Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shoot Ted Nugent

Lets all Shoot Ted Nugent! I mean Ted Nugent Ammo!

Gun rights crusader, musical legend and lifelong deerslayer, Ted Nugent - provides gungho serious hunters with killer hunting ammunition. American Tactical Imports will be handling distribution and Pierce Munitions is the manufacturer. Expect to see this on shelves in July 2012.

"I have always celebrated my hunting lifestyle. As the provider for my family, it is my responsibility and God-given duty to supply sustenance both physically and spiritually for my family and I take that very seriously." - Ted

Available in these calibers:

10mm 180g SPEER® UHP®
.357 MAG 158g SPEER® UHP®
.357 MAG 170g SPEER® UHP®
.44 MAG 240g Speer® UHP®
.44 MAG 270g Speer® UHP®
.45 LC 260g Speer® UHP®
.223 36g Barnes® VGFB
.223 55g Barnes® TSX® FB
.223 70g Barnes® TSX® FB
.243 WIN 62g Barnes® VGFB
.243 WIN 80g Barnes® TTSX® BT
.270 110g Barnes® TTSX® BT
.270 130g Barnes® TTSX® BT
.270 140g Barnes® TTSX® HPBT
.300 WIN MAG 165g Barnes® TTSX® BT
.300 WIN MAG 180g Barnes® TTSX® BT
.300 WIN MAG 200g Barnes® TTSX® BT
.308 WIN 165g Barnes® TTSX® BT
.308 WIN 180g Barnes® TTSX® BT
.30-30 150g Barnes® TTSX® FN
.30-06 168g Barnes® TTSX® BT
.30-06 180g Barnes® TTSX® BT
50 BMG 647g Barnes® TSX® BT

Any hunters out there excited about this? Unload your thoughts below!

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