Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5.56 or .223?

Usually songs about guns are made by rappers who "load clips" and have "infrared beams". This is much better.

Sorry gangstas, I just can't take you serious when your "9mm gat" is gonna "pop off" and "smoke some fools".

Some differences between the 2 calibers:

A 5.56 mm NATO has more pressure (62,000 psi) and a .223 Remington has less. (55,000 psi) The 5.56 mm NATO chambering has a longer leade, which is the distance between the mouth of the cartridge and the point at which the rifling engages the bullet. Also a.223 can be shot from a 5.56 barrel, but the reverse is not advised. You may damage or destroy your weapon.

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