Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Red Dawn 2012 Trailer

Total Recall. Battleship. 21 Jump Street. Red Dawn. What do they have in common? They are all old movies, tv shows and games! Can Hollywood at least remake shitty movies? It is very hard to beat a classic. Maybe if they remade Battlefield:Earth or some other bomb it would make sense.

The original Red Dawn was set during a time where mutually assured destruction from nuclear weapons was a possibility for the USA. Those days of the Cold War are long forgotten and the films premise of being invaded by Russia doesn't fit well in 2012.

We'll see what happens on November 21st when the movie is released.


A city in Washington state awakens to the surreal sight of foreign paratroopers dropping from the sky - shockingly, the U.S. has been invaded and their hometown is the initial target. Quickly and without warning, the citizens find themselves prisoners and their town under enemy occupation.

Determined to fight back, a group of young patriots seek refuge in the surrounding woods, training and reorganizing themselves into a guerilla group of fighters.

Taking inspiration from their high school mascot, they call themselves the Wolverines, banding together to protect one another, liberate their town from its captors, and take back their freedom.

Wolverines!!!! (from 1984)

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