Friday, September 7, 2012

AR-15 Face Stock

In your face! I mean "on your face!" Insert dentist joke here. Ha!

I agree that AR pistols are retarded. Who wants a stick coming out of the back of your weapon instead of a stock? I don't know if this product is really a solution however. Give these same people the pistol as an SBR with a stock and they will probably like that better. Also, how does this fit into a case?

Anyhow, not my problem. My Plasma Rifle with built in hover technology and voice activation is 100 times better.

One thing to take away? 12:57. Only have a couple minutes? 3:25--605 and 7:59--915.

"It doesn't hurt at all." "It's more comfortable than [firing from] my shoulder." Karen says that she has TMJ, and that shooting the NSN is, "No problem at all...I won't even know I shot the gun today." "It was effortless." "It was very comfortable." "It feels like it was part of your body." "I expected a whole lot more recoil...nothing hurts." "I was really worried about it, but it was nothing." "It was great. It is so easy to do. It's so easy to stay in the middle [of the target]. It's...the recoil doesn't throw you off. It's great" "I think it legitimately makes the AR-15 a home defense firearm, rather than the big cumbersome guns." "With my normal AR-15, I'm constantly putting the butt stock into my shoulder and adjusting all the time. With the NSN, when I'm shooting with it...once I get it in place, I don't feel like I need to adjust it again...which I like much more than my standard AR-15." "I'm surprised that it was really easy to transition [from target to target]." "It was awesome."

None of the participants were paid in any way. They volunteered their time because they wanted to see if I was nuts.

Matt: business owner; pistol enthusiast; no formal firearms training
Tim: business owner; firearms enthusiast; no formal firearms training
Karen: business owner; no formal firearms training
Jacob: student; no formal firearms training
Bill: firearms salesman; big game hunter

Whatever your mission™

Comrades....voice your opinions below!

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