Saturday, June 7, 2014

Target: Open Carry Retards

This is why we can't have nice things.

Open carry in Target
For quite awhile the pro gun movement has been making decent headway. We've proven the actions of the few shouldn't penalize the rights of the many. Mass shootings come to mind. Every time there is a shooting the Assault Weapons Ban gets brought up. Feinstein give it up already! Every time some asshole kills a bunch of people I shouldn't have to defend my rights to have a firearm and neither should millions of others. The world we live in doesn't make laws based upon one persons actions. If that was the case nobody would drive because somebody killed a family while driving drunk. Nobody would own an iPhone because you can text and kill which happens daily. Nobody would own a pool because someones daughter drowned.

Now that we have that established.....

These goofy open carry guys NEED TO STOP! What is the point? You can sleep with a 16 year old in Nevada. That doesn't mean you go to high schools with a sign saying "I can fuck 16 year old legally!" These open carry demonstrators are hurting more than they are helping. We have so many bleeding heart liberals who think the whole worlds problems is firearms and if they would all go away all the unicorns would come out to dance. Open carry at Starbucks, Chipotle and other restaurants are not doing any good. Good god man.

If you know these guys tell them to do something positive. All that is going to happen is more businesses are going to side with the soccer moms and say "no guns allowed" and we lose another fight. All because some of our brothers are misguided.

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